Demonia Gothic Handbags. Corset bags, Coffin bags, Lolita bags, Rubber bags, Bowling bags, Wings/backpack and Hobo bags.


We are so glad to see the re-emergence of the fab Demonia bags! More will be added soon. If you see one somewhere else that you MUST have, we can get it!

Coffin Bag
HB114-3 £22.99

Coffin Bag
HB114-4 £22.99

Bitch Hobo Bag
HB018-10 £18.99

Corset Bag
HB032-1 £44.99

Messenger Bag
HB121-1 £24.99


UK Postage and Packing for hand bags: £5.00each



Our bags, like the shoes, are generally ordered for you. However we do try to keep some in stock, so if you need one urgently, please ask!

Unlike some sites that sell Demonia and Pleaser, we can get orders through fairly quickly (2-3 weeks on average) We have seen one site quoting 30-45 working days!! None of that here unless the style you want is out of stock in the USA.



Batwings Backpak
HB214-1 £29.99
Gothic Roses Lace
HB230-1 £14.99
Gothic Roses Lace
HB230-3 £14.99
Coffin Bag
HB114-2 £22.99
Coffin Bag
HB114-1 £22.99
More styles to follow
Fuck You Bowling
Leopard Bowling
HB286-5 £24.99
Gothic Roses Lace
HB230-2 £14.99
Rubber Heart Bag
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